Friday, January 16

Best laid plans and all that..

Tomorrow was going to be a busy day to start with - but now, with a very welcomed and exciting and last-minute visit from my Mum from the far reaches of Northern Queensland it's been turned on its' head!

So tomorrow is going to be getting up super-early and heading out to do our Farmgate Trail and abbatoir shopping and then instead of racing back for lunch in Manly with friends I'll be rushing back to organise salads and BBQ necessities for family get-together. Will be fun though. The girls are very much going to lose the plot with excitement to have their 'Nine' here.

I'd like to try a new salad or two, vegan ones for my sisters' family so tonight I'll be on th ehunt for something hearty, delicious and not too leafy... I'd say it will be 'bean-y' hehe. Stay tuned.
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