Sunday, January 11

Delicious and Disguising: Watermelon Sorbet

My girls don't really realise what real icecream is really. I mean we have it from time-to-time but I do tend to home make our own icecream, from frozen fruit.

I freeze bananas without their skin and then whizz in the food processor until creamy (this takes about 5 mins on high) and recently I've turned my attention to sorbet. I made my first attempt a couple of months ago with some rockmelon that was just about becoming over-ripe. One large rockmelon made about 2l of rockmelon sorbet. We still have about 1l left, and 1l left of banana 'ice-cream' but this week I needed to do something with a 5kg watermelon. I chopped it up, removed all the seeds I could, and froze about 2/5 of it. I then chopped up about an equal amount and put it in the fridge ready-to-eat. The rest I left on the neighbours' doorstep.
So cut to today, I made some sugar syrup which is basically boiling 1 cup water with 1 cup of white sugar for about 3 minutes and leaving to cool. Took out the watermelon and allowed it to thaw enough to be able to separate the pieces. I then whizzed the sugar syrup together until it was smooth. Transferred some to ice-tups and the rest to tupperware container and then back in the freezer.

The taste testers conclude - Yummy!

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Meagan on January 15, 2009 at 3:26 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Am making this right now! (well the syrup is cooling) Thanks for sharing!


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