Monday, January 19

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

Yes a few of my favourite things combined tonight.

Wooohoooo to Top Chef New York starting (as I type!)

I love this show - and New York being on the desperate-to-travel-to-destination-of-choice-list.,,Oh bliss!! I'm expecting Tony Bourdain will make a few appearances too - love him! Ever since reading Kitchen Confidential 10 years ago I'm a big fan. Love his No Reservations show too. A couple of things stand out from Kitchen confidential his discription of 'No it's not butter' was hilarious and his utmost hatred of garlic presses left a lasting impression on me. I can't use one without feeling very guilty!!

Back to Top Chef.... drool... Gorgeous shots of the NY architecture Tom Colicchio yummy food and here's to the 'culinary boner' hehe. Padma I speculate either spends every other minute she's not on show either at the gym or with her fingers down her throat to keep looking so svelte!
Mmmm peeling apples with a potato peeler? Not even I do that! Takes too much time! Not sure I'd be able to brunoise (finely dice) an apple to perfection like they were asked without either cutting my fingers off in frustration or taking 2 days to do it though.
Stay tuned for my review and who I think is going to win, who I love, who I don't love and any fave recipes/unusual ingredients I may become obsessed with.. hehe

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