Thursday, January 15


I really want to re-do the girls' rooms. They have both got great bones but is missing that bit of subtle detail I love. I think I'm going to transform Eloise's room into some Red, white, pink and deep tiffany blue. New lamp and I think she's ready for a bedside table.

The little girls I'm thinking with them just keep with the pink, purple, white, aqua, lemon but introduce some new fabrics and door knobs for their tallboy, new lamp etc.. I'd like to make it a little more grown up little girl rather than baby girl if that makes sense.
I do want to update our room too - powder blue and cherry red. I want to find *that* fabric and make co-ordinating canvases etc too. I'd like to achieve all of this by the end of this year.

I'd like to introduce some new decals - these are some I like, not sure what combos I would do yet.

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