Wednesday, January 21

Summer days..

Well it was HOT today. Which I don't mind as long as it only is moderately humid.. today was positively tropical though. The girls had a lovely day with their cousins Maya and Eva.

Water-play was definitely a great plan, they had a wonderful time in the wading pool - even watering poor Aunty Becky's feet to see if they would grow (how did they know she only takes a size 7?!) I got a few waterings myself and it was quite nice actually!

The girls are so lucky to have cousins living nearby again and even luckier that they are in such a close age range - something that I didn't experience myself. I was the eldest in my family by 8.5 years and then my cousins were 14&16&19 years younger than me.

Maya in fact is only 13 days older than Laura and Olivia. Eloise is 18 months older than the three of them and Eva is 2 years younger than Maya. (4 of my parents 5 grandchildren's birthdays fall within a 2 week timeframe) So top-to-bottom only 3.5 years and 5 GIRLS. That's a lot of Grease and Barbie we have to get through!

It's amazing how much you can love your nieces and nephews. I just think they are amazing... I love getting to know them, which I feel I'm doing. It's wonderful to think I'm going to know them for a lot of their lives. I'm going to see them grow up and have adventures of their own one day.

Maya is so articulate, so inquisitive, so determined. I know she's going to do great things with her life. Can't explain why, just can. Eva is developing into a little larrikin, she's seemingly turned from a baby into toddler overnight and I was just saying today it's like she's always been here. She gives me the giggles. I love, love LOVE those chubby legs of hers - I so miss that with my own girls. Bless!

The afternoon was a little less enjoyable as everyone was a little overtired and irritable due to the heat - I was just praying for a hour of quiet to have a cat-nap myself (stayed up to watch the US presidential inauguration - yawning as I type!). Eventually this happened.

Laziness rules now as southerly blows in accompanied with some rain - with much gratitude from us and the garden!
The lovely Maya - she looks like an angel here.Watering Shennanigans here
Enjoying the pool and the cool water. (Cool look too Auntie Becky!)

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2 lovely comments:

Katy on January 21, 2009 at 6:03 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Looks like a beautiful day! Send that southerly north a bit for me please! ;)

Emily on January 24, 2009 at 11:13 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

The girls are really lucky to have cousins so close in age, they will have so much fun growing up together. Looks like you all had a wonderful time trying to keep cool.


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