Saturday, January 17

Today's Farmgate Trail Reconaissance.

Well after a later start than intended (well ok, only by 45 minutes) we set off solo on our farmgate trail expedition.

First was Riverview - Got some gorgeous baby eggplant today for $2 a kilo - which I made into Babaganouj dip this afternoon for family gathering. Other bargains of the day was enormous bunch of silverbeet for 50c and huge plant of sage for .75c. Truss Cherry tomatoes $2 a kg. 2 weeks' fruit, veg and eggs + small box of offerings for my sister and grandmother cost a grand total of $57.10 - that's 2 big boxes for us and 2 small boxes for Nan and Becky. (Pictured in back of car here)

Looks can be deceiving. From the outside it just looks like an ordinary tin shed - and inside you will find trestle tables in a cool room with prices written on the wall in various whiteboard marker colours - the quality is fantastic.

Next we were off to Wiberforce to M&A Butchery stocked up both for our family meals but our annual Australia Day BBQ.
Day-to-day inventory: 2kg blade steak $12, 1kg topside mince $6.80, 1.2kg lamb leg $8.60, 500gr carved smoked ham (for sambos) $3.90, 600g tomato, garlic and rocket sausages $4.10, 1.5kg Chicken Wings $4.25, 2 smoked chorizo sausages $2.40
Aussie Day BBQ: 1kg thin sausages $5.80, 2kg Pork Ribs $18, 2.2kg T-bone steaks $23.25, 1.5kg chicken wings $4.25
The butchery has an abbatoir attached and appears on the side of paddock road.

All the Aussie Day BBQ stuff was deposited at friends' house - she has an un-used chest freezer in her garage - excellent! That is a must-invest-for-us this year.
Another successful trip! Love the farmgate trail!

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Trailing Spouse on January 18, 2009 at 12:22 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

GOd how I miss fresh produce and at great prices! Everything is flown in over here, even tomatoes!


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