Saturday, January 10


I hate when the little time I spend with my family it's at times so frustrating. Eloise is going through a phase of ignoring any kind of directions and just doing it her way. Drives me up the wall! On visiting friends after lunch I note that her son, just 10 weeks older does exactly the same! I know it's an age thing but when can I move past it? I hope I don't have to wait until she moves out! She also soaked herself at our friends house when disconnecting hose from the tap when she was specifically told not to.... argh then had a temper tantrum when I took said soaked clothes off to put in dryer! Then we were at friends' place much later than antcipated and in short was left with my three kids, friends 3 kids whilst my friend and my hubby did puter stuff and friends' hubby went to the bottlo for an hour. I had a meltdown and left in embarrassment. Now I'm at home cranky because we should be at another friends' housewarming that I was prepared to cook for - instead no time to cook and too cranky to socialise... husband is cranky with me too.

I just haven't been sleeping well. It's stress related I know - but it's affecting me and everyone around me. sigh. Better luck tomorrow.
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