Thursday, January 8


I notice as Laura and Olivia get older I'm absolutely powerless to influence their twinny-ness. It is special, but I have always since finding out they were on their way, pre-occupied with raising them as individuals and discouraging co-dependence. What I find myself enjoying quite unexpectedly is their closeness and it's times like these where I'll just find them sitting together watching TV makes my heart melt.

I'm changing my thinking a lot now they are older. I used to be insistent that they go into separate school classes when they start school, now I'm starting to reconsider. Someone asked me if they weren't related, just two besties going to the same school, would I want them to be in the same class? Research points to it being better for multiples to start school in the same class and then separating the year after - but I suppose it depends on the twin relationship/level of co-dependence and even their academic needs individually. Oh well another 1.5 years to think about it before I enrol!

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Nikki Cardigan on July 18, 2009 at 10:16 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

What a beautiful photo of your girls. I don't know if anyone will or can ever know the extent and intensity of the bond twins have, especially at an age when they can not explain it to us.

As a teacher and a mother of twins, I wonder if we shouldn't just read the research then trust our instincts...


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