Monday, January 12


I remembered with sharpening resolution this morning what life is like when I'm working and getting the kids to kindy - the routine - the struggle to get everyone organised (a joint effort my hubby is fantastic at this!) and out the door without losing a phone, permission slip, keys, mind or temper!

I had a 9am meeting in the city with an agency so dropped the kids off to kindy and signed them off solo - Olivia and Laura very proudly showed me where they put their bags and then told and showed me all about toffee the kindy turtle. Cute! (Excuse the pic taken with the phone)

Then off to the city for appointment and back tracked to Chatswood and saw Marley and Me. Oh goodness I was quite unprepared for how this movie would affect me! It bought back wonderful and sad memories - starting a family and the sadness of miscarriage, how a dog can make you a family without a dog and definitely what dogs bring to a family. We have been tossing up the idea of a dog for a long time - and resolved to get one when the little girls were toilet-trained. Lately I've been thinking how much having a dog would limit us - holidays, day-trips and weekends away.

But then I consider the joy a dog brings to a family and just how desperate especially Laura is for a dog. That would be magical. Am I ready for another member of our family. Yesterday I think I was 33% yes. Today I think I'm 66% yes. I think the 33% no is also surrounding my grief around Leroy my puppy-son who passed away 4 years ago. I miss him terribly. still. I often wonder what life would be like in our family if Leroy was still here. Very emotional today.

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