Thursday, February 19

Dead successful?

Do you reckon those guys who play corpses in the umpteen crime drama shows on telly are just struggling actors who list that on their CV, and maybe have a string of appearances as dead guys. I mean all they do is get made up, stay still and well look...errr.... dead.... looks dead easy to me! How much does that pay?

Talking of pay in case of you are interested in earning some extra moulah....

Model required for instructional DVD on Brazilian Waxing
We are seeking the services of a professional female model for an upcoming DVD production in Sydney.The DVD will be an instructional video of Brazilian waxing and will be sold commercially in Australia and overseas.The model will be required to be naked below the waist (clothed upper) as would be required for this type of treatment in a beauty salon. The footage used will only appear on this video in the context of a professional waxing treatment. Models will be required to speak briefly to introduce themselves (less than 30 seconds, no lines, just ad-lib). Screen-names are fine for the production if you'd prefer.The look and feel of the production is stylish and tasteful with a touch of glamour, designed to educate people on this popular style of waxing and for anyone wanting to know more about waxing in general, including women wanting to wax at home and for the first time.The shoot will be professionally run by Louder than Words, a Sydney based Production Company with numerous TVC and other commercial credits. ( professional Australian licensed beautician is performing the waxing and has over 20 years experience in waxing and training within the beauty industry. Safety and hygiene are paramount requirements of the production.To register your interest, please include a recent Head-shot and a Swim ware photo for consideration (no nudity please). A brief CV, with career highlights would also be appreciated.Finalists will be forwarded to Louder than Words who will then contact you to discuss the role in detail.This is a great opportunity to expand your portfolio to an International market!Position closes Friday 27th Feb (or once the right person is found)
Prefer email responses, with photo attachments as outlined above, thanks.

I'd be a great candidate for waxing but I don't think anyone wants to see me naked below the waist (especially me!) let alone get paid for it... I giggle when I read 'The look and feel of the production is stylish and tasteful with a touch of glamour' mmmm sounds it!....
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Jaime on February 20, 2009 at 9:50 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

I don't know, that sounds a bit dodgy to me. But free waxing... might be worth a look?


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