Friday, February 27

D'oh moment

Sitting here, reflecting on my day, thinking how I don't know as sick as I have felt today how I managed to go to an interview and seemingly getting through it when a) bus rocked up 15 minutes late and then the journey taking 10 minutes longer, making my original 25 minutes to spare a rather panicked run from the bus stop to the interview and arriving in the lift at 4.30pm exactly.

I'm congratulating myself here because I almost didn't make it and arrived unflustered etc and looking my best (I had my eyebrows waxed this morning and even coloured my hair), then rubbing my ear, I remember I took one of my earrings off to change them.. except I ran out time, so yes, I went to my interview with ONE earring. Not a subtle one either - a gold sparkly euroball.

Hopefully the bloke who interviewed me didn't notice.. d'oh!

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