Wednesday, March 11

An abundance of Eloise-isms today...

She's amusing at the moment!

A total crack-up was during homework where we were working on 'greater than' (meaning more than) there were pictures of 5 ducks on one side of the page, and 8 on the other. The idea was to count the ducks in each group, write down the number underneath and then circle the group with 'greater number'... so it goes like this:

M: So this group has how many?
E: five
M: and this group has how many?
E: eight
M: So which group has the greater number?
E: The one with five in it... I like 5, I'm going to be 5 soon, five's a great number!

After homework and morning tea (gotta love that it's hot-cross-bun season !) we headed to the shops to go the post office and to our real estate to arrange some deadlocks, and whilst we were waiting the Estate cleaner walked in. Eloise pointed to her unfortunate dentistry (gold tooth and a little gappy) and declared 'Oh that lady's lucky, tooth fairy is coming to her house!' Quite embarrassing!

Moments later, having a sausage roll lunch at the local bakery she asked 'when did Laura and Olivia meet each other'? hmmm I said 'In Mummy's tummy'. Olivia corrected me - 'No we met each other when we were born'. hmmm

'When did I meet Laura and Olivia?' she then asked and I explained that she met them at the hospital shortly after they came out of mummy's tummy.. but you had seen them before on special x-rays of mummy's tummy when they still were growing there.

Tide (my Dad) came to visit tonight as he's on a fly-by-nighter trip for work at present. Was lovely to spend time and the girls were SO excited. I decided to tell them at lunchtime because any earlier and it would have been too much to cope with all day 'when is Tide coming?' which unfortunately did happen A LOT afterwards! Showing off at the dinner table over-excited play afterwards, it was a big treat. Miss Mum and Dad being 10 minutes away.

3 functional specs to go, but a lot of revisions (well cosmetic changes client wants) to do tonight... sigh!

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Meagan on March 12, 2009 at 11:13 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

5 IS a great number :) Classic!


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