Friday, March 13

Greetings from Seedy Hotel in Canberra.....

Well it's not the seediest but it's not un-seedy.... a mixture of decors from the 60's through to the 00's..... but it's pretty cheap (well I think they should still knock $25 off per room but meh) and they have wireless internet access and some foxtel channels, a fridge etc so it's not all lost!!

Kids love travelling, they're into it. They have had a lot of fun trying to wreck the place, pillow fights being the activity-du-jour.

I'm just tired. Here for a wedding that hubby is best man for tomorrow... so a bit of running around at the moment. He's currently still out running errands and having bloke time I suspect (cleverly disguised as errands I suspect!)
Need a haircut BADLY. Will hopefully have time tomorrow. Having problem stringing sentences together in my brain I'm so tired, let alone getting them down on blog here! Night!

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Grace on March 16, 2009 at 8:04 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Oh dear, where did you stay?? Jac had a bad experience with a place when she was here last. Sorry we didn't see each other this time :(


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