Tuesday, March 31

A month in Review - March 2009

What we did:
Celebrated Lachlan's 5th birthday
Went to Canberra and to attend Andy and Liz's long awaited nuptuals.
Caught up with the lovely Cath and the boys in Canberra too - wonderful.
Finished up my short-term work contract
Celebrated Nanny's 77th birthday
Completed 1/2 of our rotating crop vege garden

Speech has improved a lot, announciating a lot more.
Verbal reasoning has also improved, still a little stuttering when exciting, but becoming less and less.
Grew 2cm in one month! For the first time, taller than Olivia!
Becoming less anxious around new people, noticed it alot in Canberra, still standoffish but not anxious.
Olivia's been unwell a few times this month which is unusual - with both a cough and a virus.. all good now!
Can count to, and recognise numbers to 100 (and beyond)
Getting better with the backwards S and E's.
Had first 'home-haircut' and loved it! (she was really good and still too!)
Has decided wants to have a Barbie Themed Birthday party.

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