Friday, March 27

Puppy love

For the longest time I haven't really been super-open to the idea of getting a family dog? Why? Because I suppose in my own way it would be like I would be replacing Leroy (aka fleaboy) my Jack Russell Terrier who passed away 4.5 years ago.

Leroy was my first baby. I got him with my ex back in 96. I lived in Sydney and Ex was moved to Canberra with the Navy so the assumption was there that I would move too... We went to Kelston Kennels at Bowral and he ran straight to me. I would travel to Canberra every weekend after work on the bus and hang out with fleaboy.. I think he was the final pull to Canberra thinking back, and some time later I thought I'd made a mistake.

Within 6 months of my arrival ex became the ex. I moved out and took Leroy with me as obviously that seemed the most sensible option as my job wouldn't send me to sea for months on end. After some initial disagreement (well not in my eyes the deal was done) Leroy and I moved into 'our pad'. I couldn't at that stage afford to move back to Sydney and rent a house that could contain a dog... so I stayed put thinking obviously fate had landed me there for some reason. That reason it turned out was I met my hubby.

Leroy and I came back to Sydney in May 1999, when the Canberra job market and life overall had nothing to offer me, and initially Leroy stayed with my Mum and Dad and their dog whilst I found a job, a flat and got my life back. Took 3 months.

Moved into our glorious semi in Fairlight where we stayed for the next 7.5 years. Leroy was my best mate, the *person* I came home to. The first part of *our family* with hubby. He passed away when Eloise was 4 months old from Addisons disease.

So, getting back to it, now I feel I'm ready to get a dog, it looks like I might be home to housetrain one and the kids will be home to give it all the attention it needs. But hubby after bein gon the puppy campaign for ages (the girls are desperate for one, even cry about neeeeding a dog and play games with one of them being the puppy every other day)... when I saw a beautiful dog in the doggie rescue site which is seriously 10 mins from our house - he said... no. In fact he said 'no. stop looking'.

I suppose expense comes into it (cost of the dog, kennel, food) and the possibility we may need to move to get ahead financially... but meh.. we could do it. The girls would love it. I'm ready for it.

Looks like I remain on the puppy campaign...

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