Saturday, March 28

Planning with Stocktake

Garden is coming along... we bought some new equipment this morning - being a decent spade and fork and some new gardening gloves given that my old ones had holes in them, defeated the purpose really!! Borrowed a decent sized wheelbarrow which is making easier work of transporting grass and bricks. One bed of the four is almost completely finished, just need to turnover the soil, and the second bed has had most of the grass removed.
I have worked out what will go in each bed - we have all our seeds, seedlings, stakes, chicken wire! I also bought some marigold seedlings to go around - they apparently deter pests - but I did get snail pellets and an organic vege dust as a precautionary measure.

So, organising where goes what:
Bed 1 - Potatoes, White and Brown Onions and Leeks
Bed 2 - Beans, Peas (snap and regular), Carrots, Chillis
Bed 3 - Wombok, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage
Bed 4 - Rhubarb, the rogue tomato plant that grew out of our compost,italian parsley, (I never seem to have enough in my herb garden, so replacing that space in my herb garden with a bay tree) and some space...

I'll have some updated pics tomorrow - a not-to-be-named-3-year-old licked our camera lens so the pics I took are a little let's say 'misty'... hehe.

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