Monday, March 23

Vege garden update

Well given I woke up feeling absolutely blergh, I didn't progress as much as I had hoped. The grass and roots were a lot thicker than I anticipated and the shovel we have now isn't as good as my old one (will need to get another for a shorty like me!! I like a handle on top)

So this is how we started - hubby mowed it on the lowest setting yesterday afternoon and then used our friends electic edger to cut out the border and cross-hatch for easy (supposedly) removal of the grass..

And this is how far I got by hand this afternoon - before I conceded I'd probably need to either poison or saturate the grass!

And my lovely hubby took pity on me and used his braun to finish it with the shovel (and is now totally shattered!)

Tomorrow I'll do the brickwork and move the grass scraps... that'll be 1/4 done! (apart from planting... soil is lovely and rich, lots of worms! It's exciting!

Just also want to mention I love this - I'm not really sure what kind of shrub it is, but it looks so magnificent against our back fence.. loving it.

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aneets on March 23, 2009 at 9:40 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

You're going to love it- my kids have discovered a new appreciation for vegetables and eat raw stuff from the garden all the time.


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