Thursday, March 19

What's that I hear?

A shift of thousands of hands to the sky?
Definition of Wowser:
Wowser around 1900 shifted to its present meaning: one whose sense of morality drives them to deprive others of their sinful pleasures, especially liquor.

Tony totally has a stick up his butt. I think it's so firmly lodged up there you can see it when he smiles. Just watching Q&A with Tony Jones, he seriously needs to get with the times. He's telling a priest that everyone needs to aspire to live good catholic lives, abstinence, anti-abortion-led narrow minded outdated and overall backwards way of thinking.
How about one word for you Tony, RESPECT. Respect people - be kind, Respect Choices - less judgement. It's the only thing I don't like about living on the Northern Beaches, I live in your freaking electorate.

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