Saturday, April 11

Am I?

My mother in law is a lovely person. Truly is. I'm very lucky in terms of mothers-in-law because she's very supportive and not intentionally critical or meddlesome, and I know she loves me. But I guess with most mother-in-laws you feel you want to impress them to some extent - assure them their son is in excellent hands and moreso these days her grandchildren are being raised to be thoughtful, polite, healthy individuals. I know all these things I strive to do in ordinary life - I don't do it purely to impress my mother in law or 'for show' - I'm very proud of my family and how my husband and I parent - our life is centred around our family unit.

With all this 'impressing' my mother in law with home cooking, tidy-ish house and spoiling my family over the easter weekend - she made a comment to my husband which I know I should be complimented by but at the same time sent my blood cold: 'She's a wonderful home-maker'.

Why does this bother me? I suppose the image of 'Suzy-homemaker' doesn't sit well with me... because I'm a Gen-X'er. I want to be acknowledged and appreciated for my brains, my acheivements - which obviously the biggest of those is my family but I am intelligent, I am accomplished career-wise.... I'm over-thinking this!
How can I let a well-meaning compliment bother me?

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