Monday, April 13

Cool Books

With the weather taking its' usual shift to coolness around easter it inspires me to plan. I do this almost at every change of season but mostly around spring and autumn. I start thinking about rotating all the clothes from summer to winter for the kids (already done) and how I'd like to make the house more homey-comfy and it conjures up thoughts of snuggly cushions, rugs, new linen on the bed and some books you'd like to read over the winter. I might put some new cookbooks on both the Mothers' Day and Birthday lists which are coming up.
These are the ones that spark my interest at the moment:
Stephanie Alexander: Kitchen Garden Cooking - seems to fit in nicely with our life - vege garden and my kids understanding where food comes from and understanding the many levels of pleasure you can get from producing and eating your own food

This would be invaluable reference:

And this will be super-helpful for my new hobby:
I could spend all day in a bookshop - couldn't you?

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