Friday, April 24

FrillyFrivolousFriday: Have you met Saint Vivian?

Hope you're all either at the local having a well-earned ale or if you're at home with the kids, chlling with a cocktail or a glass of wine....

Well I have something for you... feel no guilt - consume all you want (just make sure you don't drive!) because you can just have one of these on your beside or in your pocket for the morning:

Product Info:

"St Vivian is the Protector of hangover sufferers.
This mini-figurine comes with a Prayer Card and humourous text to help soothe the suffering. Measures approximately 10 cms (4") tall. Not suitable for children under three as she cannot protect against choking due to small parts. Children under three rarely suffer hangovers anyway. "

Let me know if it works.. buy from here for $11.95

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