Tuesday, April 21

I had forgotten...

...what it was like to carry a child around on my hip all day.

My little pumkin Olivia was sick today, second day in a row home from kindy. Third day in a row she was miserable and for a lot of day I literally couldn't move out of sight or moreso she wouldn't leave my lap. Lucky she's the lightweight of my brood or I might be looking at a hip replacement! I used to carry a twin on each hip A LOT when they were little. It seemed weird today carrying just one child... like I only had one arm...

It's so hard to see your babies unwell. Apart from medicating, making them comfortable and giving them lots of comfort there's not a lot you can do and as a Mummy you want to make their distress go away... don't you?

House is in pieces, I'm exhausted, but now she is fine. Happily jumping about and had two servings of dinner... a change from the buttered toast and apple and banana requests of late (which incidentally didn't stay down).

This last couple of days and nights has followed her twin Laura's illness culminating in a middle ear infection and asthma diagnosis. Hubby and I wrecked. Kids are resilient but now find myself feeling worn down and have lost my zing somewhat.

I made a hot spicy curried beef (yes, it was beef, not lamb like last night!) with coconut rice that I hope will allow us both to sweat it out... and maybe, just maybe, get a decent nights' sleep. I've definitely forgotten what that's like. My love to all parents with sick kids at the moment!
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