Sunday, April 19

I *heart* Wilton

I really do. I just lament that it can be very expensive here. I really have the potential to be a caketin compulsive.. I have about 10 as it stands and of those probably only 3 are Wilton. I buy the baking cups on a regular basis though.

I just found these on the Home Couture Website - might need to save up for these!
You can have ice-cream looking cupcakes! Or maybe a different flavour top to bottom? Cute.

I have these already - The Wilton 101 biscuit cutters - have used them for so much, easter, christmas, I use the alphabet to put names on my birthday cakes with orchard icing, the numbers for birthday parties (see below - I made the 3's and the butterfly cookies for Olivia and Laura's fairyland garden party last December)

Home Couture also sell the Wilton just alphabet and numbers for $18. Good value I think!

And I love, love love this too from Wilton - the cake taker - You can use it for a very long cake or put in the insert for 12 muffins or turn it over for 24 cupcakes - helps keep them from slipping around or falling over. Although it's $53.95 the number of times I've used it in just around the year I've had it - might need another down the track for girls' birthdays when they are in different classes..

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