Wednesday, April 15

Interesting insight

One of my favourite documentaries was the original 7up series, set in the United Kingdom and started in 1964 and followed children of divorced/single/married families, children from a childrens' home, girls from the East-End, boys from the West-End, country kids - every 7 years they would meet with the kids and show what impact their education/environment/financial status would have on the type of person they turned out to be with fascinating results. You can't help but get invested in these kids who are now in their 50's (in fact I suspect 56-up would be soon?) I have the 7-49up on DVD and love watching it.

I couldn't name an absolute favourite, I love them all - even pompous John and poor Neil.

Here is an overview of 7-49up

Now there's two more similar-type documentaries taking place.

7up USA is currently screening here in Australia - and starts on Foxtel Biography Channel on Thursday (tomorrow 9.30pm)- I think the kids are 21 now. This will be the first time I see this one.

The other is 'Child of Our Time' which shows on the Foxtel BBC Knowledge Channel on Wednesdays (tonight 7.30pm). They have been following these children since their birth in the Year 2000, every year. Again,these children are from different socio-economic backgrounds and you get more insight into their family dynamics and their parents/child-rearing beliefs.

All of these documentaries give me inspiration and insight. Recommend them all.
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