Friday, April 10

A little white lie..

We aren't a religious family. I won't go into why but when Eloise asked why Good Friday was Good Friday and suggested it was because everyone had to be on their best behaviour I blurted out 'absolutely'. Maybe next year I'll go into the whole religious conversation....or perhaps it will come up at Christmas...another of those difficult conversations when what you're saying might not make sense and it brings up more questions from your children than answers.

OK, well it is Good Friday and I've just taken the puppy out for morning pee (house training is having it's ups and downs) and I'm here on the couch watching the Today Show, listening to the girls playing a game of some sort in their room. They're all bunking in together as my mother-in-law is sleeping in Eloise's room... back to Good Friday!

I'm contemplating whether I make some hot cross buns now whilst it's quiet or wait until the girls get up? Maybe they can help me with the crosses.....

Looking at two recipes. One from yesterday's Today Show that Luke Mangan presented which are more traditional and one from Not Quite Nigella - a more progressive Cinnamon Choc Chip. Might do a combination based on what I've got in the pantry...

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