Monday, April 20

ManicMonday: I've had a UFO experience...

Yes, an Unidentified Fridge/Freezer Object.
Since my new love moved in (my new upright freezer) and we've restocked it on the weekend with farmgate trail meats and cooked fare, I've resolved to eat everything out of the old freezer. So this morning I get out something that might be mince, might be sliced beef.
By about lunchtime I discover it's not looking like mince, it's looking like beef strips. Good-o. I'll make beef stroganoff. I prepare all the ingredients, go to add my beef to the flour/nutmeg mix, have a smell and I discover..... it's lamb.

So lamb stroganoff tonight. Yes, sounds odd. Probably will taste odd. I wonder if my family will notice?
Have you had a UFO experience like this? Please assure me this happens to everyone?

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