Monday, April 20

A medal speciale...

I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I think I love Kingdom of Paramithi as much as, if not more than my kids!

It offers so much - the charactisations are hilarious, I particularly like King John, cracks me up! The stories, whilst old fairy tales have something to offer the kids by means of moral lessons and all stories we were read as kids. One particular bit I love is when they present a medal to a child who does something well every day - the Medal of Paramithi is for brushing teeth every day, putting toys away every day - just every day stuff that kids should be encouraged to do. The little kids (actors?) that step up to receive the medals look so proud! It's so cute!

Paramithi (greek for fairytale) is the dreamchild of Wiggles Creators Paul and Anthony Field (ok, I still remember them being the Cockroaches!) and again I think they've come up with a winning combination... A medal speciale as Genevieve the french maid would say needs to go to them!

Tickets go on sale today for a National Tour although I note they say 'MANY of the original cast will perform' that's not specific enough for me. That's like saying 'SOME of Hi-5 will perform.' Oh hang on, there is no original Hi-5'ers now are there?

Hope they release some DVD's soon. They will be a hit in this house.. with me at least!

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