Wednesday, April 22

The Nasty Brigade

Love them. Those people who say the things that you want to say, that need to be said but you just can't. They can. Have no problem with it. Admire that.

But why are 90% of them that appear on telly BRITISH? Is it the culture? We often think of the british as those with the best manners, the epitome of correctness but it's the rest of the world who is importing these brits onto their shows or broadcasting their british shows to say the things they just can't seem to.
Who am I talking about?
Dicko - yep he comes out with tripe sometimes but he's pretty honest - even about himself.

Ruth Watson
If you've ever seen 'The Hotel Inspector' Ruth has a talent of saying 'you are an absolute imbecile' with her face before following it up with her words - in the nicest possible way of course..

Mary Portas
Mary has her own show 'Mary Queen of Shops' where she puts ailing boutiques on the right track and again. No pulling any punches with Mary!

And then we've got our 'Britain's got Talent' Stable with both Simon Cowell of Pop Idol/American Idol fame

and Piers Morgan
who again proved how ambitious, ruthless and direct he was in Celebrity Apprentice in the US.

Oh and lucky last- Gordon Ramsay...

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1 lovely comments:

Jaime on April 23, 2009 at 10:18 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Good point. Americans particularly seem to pander to everyone's feelings.

I love the Brits.


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