Sunday, April 12

A new love affair...

Looks like love is here to stay - finally getting a separate freezer. We used to have a side-by-side all in one fridge/freezer but when we moved to our last place, we kept it in the dining room just off the kitchen - but upon moving here it just did not fit so we sold it and bought a new fridge/freezer which minimized our freezer space significantly.

I hate that I can't take advantage of bread sales, buying a side of beef or lamb etc or even contemplating buying 4l of icecream. So this little baby - the Westinghouse 180 litre upright will fit neatly into my laundry and it's an early Birthday/Christmas present from my mother-in-law. She agrees we really need it. I'm so excited. Even better I've played off a couple of retailers and got free delivery plus 20% off retail.

It has a great energy rating too so won't impact much on the energy bills and we're sure to save a LOT on meat/veges and allow me to save a harvest-load of veges that we grow and a winters' worth of stew and soups.
I love a bargain, but this bargain is even better, it will allow me to take advantage of a number of more bargains in the future.
New love will arrive on Tuesday....can't wait.
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