Tuesday, April 7

The puppy posse

The novelty of Dougall has not worn off, at all. The poor dog is being drowned in attention! Though the girls are getting better at gentle pats, waiting for the dog to come to them and no chasing...

Laura has offered her bed for Dougall to sleep on, however Olivia now wants to swap bunks so she can accommodate Dougall, Eloise reasons that she doesn't share a room with anyone so Dougall can share with her.. umm disappointment all around there - Dougall won't be sleeping in anyone's room!

He has well and truly attached himself to me though - good lord I can't go to the loo or have a shower without him waiting less than a metre away. Leroy was the same but I think this dog thinks he's my dog.. everyone else just lives here!

Hubby took him for a walk last night (I think he actually misses the dog when at work) and the cars seemed to frighten Dougall - good news in one way, I don't think we've got another escape artist who loves playing with cars like Leroy way. Phew for that.
I forgot just how cute Jack Russells are and how unconditional their love is. There are split seconds I swear it's Leroy, in a good way... just part of the breed I guess.

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Chantelle on April 7, 2009 at 6:33 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

What a much loved Puppy. So cute. xx


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