Thursday, April 30

RealityBites: Finales and Premieres...

Biggest Loser Finale:

Oh may Bob and Tiff killed it didn't they? 87.2 kilos!? Tiff looks AAAA - Mazing. Sharif looked fab, and it was nice to see Nathan happily married. It's obvious that in the majority of cases, the increment of weight lost was directly related to the amount of time in the house. That is sad, although any weight loss shouldn't be sneezed at.

MasterChef Week 1 - Casting:

Ok, OK, I know I said I wasn't going to watch it, but there's nothing else on! If I see another pasta with burnt butter and sage sauce I might hurl. Bit of a cop out - it's pretty easy to make.

Loved the guy from Brissie with missing teeth who was so passionate and nervous - I'm really glad they put him through.

ANTM - Week one - Arrival:
Just how bitchy was my mate Alex Perry? Bless him. I love him, his campy-bitchy-cut-to-the-bone criticism was giving me the giggles. "That girl needs to meet conditioner, and make it her friend" Oh I like her 'Jon Benet Ramsay Aged Eighteen', 'She looks like a wild pig' which apparently he has defended.

The girls are all young - I'm not too sure of a front-runner yet... Mikarla is cute and funny. There's two Laura's and an Eloise, a Clare (Olivia's middle name) - feel compelled to follow them.. though I do like them all.. and Tahnee...and Lola, Clare is a cutie too. It will all change I'm sure as time goes on..

Love, Sarah Murdoch, she oozes 'expensive, yet approachable' She's such a mother hen too. Bless. Great twist about having them arrive into a walk in and then straight into a catwalk show. Not to be confused with the catfights -Oh dear lord that IS going to annoy me! But maybe only slightly more than the sunglasses they are all wearing on the show.. what is with that?

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