Saturday, April 25

Seasonal Challenge Update 1

OK, how are we going?

Well I've got myself some preserving jars.. that's a start!!

I bought a persimmon. (pictured right) It's like a hard orange tomato. Co-incidentally my husband had tried one a couple of days prior from his work fruit basket not knowing what it was.... he described it as tasting like 'Arse'. hmm I only bought one for $1.50 and I thought I would try and incorporate it into a recipe.. when I did a search I mostly came up with cookie recipes heavily spiced which makes me think there could be some truth to my hubbys' seemingly harsh assessment or it's like a choko, with no taste. My Mum informs me however you need to let them go a bit soft before consuming - and their taste is a sweet/sour kind of taste... we'll see.

I have cooked:
  • Apple (and Pear) Cobbler
  • Lemons - I have used some in a lot of my cooking this week, (example- there's scallopped potatoes with lemon juice, sliced peel, garlic and fresh thyme from my herb garden in the oven making me very hungry at the moment!) but I'll need to buy more to make preserved lemon which is on my hit-list for sure.
I have Preserved:
I have made some peach jam! It was soo easy and I actually wanted to eat it before it was jarred!

I will need to do something with this persimmon as the strawberries are still expensive, though I passed a fruitbarn in Vineyard who was selling them for $1 a punnet, we were on the wrong side of the highway! Next time! I'll be getting a box of lemons and a box of oranges next time we are up at the farmgate, we'll head up to the Schofields Orchard which is closed on Saturdays

So I am making an effort, slow to start but I'm committed.

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2 lovely comments:

Grace on April 25, 2009 at 8:22 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Afaik there are 2 types of persimmons - one that's meant to be eaten when crunchy, the other when soft. I'm guessing the one you bought was meant to be the soft one because that 'arse' taste is because it's not ripe enough. I find persimmon to be tastier without the skin as well. Enjoy!! I <3 persimmons :)

Jen on April 26, 2009 at 5:26 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Grace is right, there are 2 types. One leaves this unbelievably awful feeling in your mouth, as well as tasting downright nasty, but the other type is actually my very favorite fruit! I like the ones that are mini pumpkin shaped, as opposed to longer ones that resemble a Roman tomato. I actually love the skins!


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