Saturday, April 11

Slumber party woes

With my Mother In Law visiting it leaves us with a shortage of rooms/beds. I can't bear the thought of her having to sleep on the couch, which I would quite happily take that post, but I don't think hubby wants to sleep with his mother do you? So we bought a good blow up mattress thingy and Eloise has been bunking out in her sisters' room.

Last night I sent hubby and mother-in-law off to the football because not only has she never seen a live football match of the team she's supported for well over 30 years (she's from Country NSW) I thought I could do with some time alone when the kids go to bed..

Kids go to bed ? HUH!!??

9.30pm and I'd had all three of them out of bed and in all kinds of different
naughty corner's and had come close to totally losing my rag. I took the biggest 'stirrer' of the lot. Laura. Took her out to the lounge with her doona, turned off the TV and told her to stay put go to sleep.

It began, like a machine gun, out of her mouth:

'But I love my sisters'
'But I miss my sisters'
'Mummy I NEED my sisters'
Then instead of keeping her sisters awake, she was non-stop talking to me. I ignore, I shush, I stare blankly, I keep repeating myself 'lay down and be quiet'

10.20pm finally all asleep - hubby and mother-in-law arrive home at 10.40pm and asked if I'd had a lovely evening... I think the look on my face said it all.

Is this an insight to the years ahead? I need a 5 bedroom house. Pronto.
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