Sunday, April 12

Vege Garden Update Week 2

I'm amazed at how quickly this is all coming along really.
The beans have taken off! Hard to imagine these were mere seeds 2 weeks ago. They have now grown to about 10cm in height each!

The peas are starting to climb, along with the height of the other veges climbing, looks like we'll have to raise and add some more chicken wire sooner than we expected..

Here is the Wombok Cabbage - looking very healthy with no infestations, thanks to snail pellets and the marigolds (which are starting to bud too!)
The Cabbage, Broccoli and Cauliflower is now standing at about 15cm high. Very happy chappies. It's very exciting!
Hubby also dug out the third quarter of the garden, needs to be bricked, planted and wired, we're putting onions and leeks and some continental parsley in here... hopefully before the long weekend's out.

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