Sunday, April 26

Vege garden update - Week 4

Well it's been wet, wet wet this week! I was expecting a few casualties, which we did have - a few of the cauliflowers have been nibbled upon, but nothing disastrous.
Still growing strong and hubby put the finishing touches on the plots today..Woot! So our 4 plots are done (so to rotate). Looks amazing!
Work in progress this morning...

Final product this afternoon:

So some pics of the veges :
Carrots - still going great guns about 2cm above ground now, lush green-ness to their tops..

The beans are gathering strength with their stalks thickening up this week, think we should be seeing shoots very soon!

Peas have had a quiet-ish week this week - but as you can see in this and other pics the marigolds have flowered..
The Womboks (chinese cabbage) are going great guns, and luckly haven't falled prey to slugs or birds/wildlife!

Love this pic taken at ground level of the sugar cabbages..

New planting today: White and brown onions into the 3rd (new) plot.
and hubby has transferred his overgrown chilli seedlings (grown from 1 chilli!) into the ground, they have chillis on them!
And here's a good view from the rest of the yard: (click to see a better version)

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Chantelle on April 26, 2009 at 5:24 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Wow. It's going really well! Yum. :)


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