Tuesday, April 28

Whatever happened to....the smurfs?


The smurfs conjure up many memories for me. They first came into Australia in the early 80's and I remember collecting them, I had the figurines, the drink bottle, stickers on my lunchbox, the pencil case.. oh my I think I just wanted to be blue. Remember the iceblocks? I wish they would bring those back, they were yummy.

In hindsight, was Smurfette a smurfing concubine? Only one woman and all those boys? Was Papa Smurf the pimp? Oh my.

Also our Maths Master at high-school looked alarmingly like Papa Smurf, and you would regularly hear a chorus of la-la-le-le-la-la... going on in a hum, whistle or cheeky rendition throughout the maths room hallways....
C'mon Fess up - have you got some blue make-up, figurine, smurf blow-up-doll hiding somewhere in your closet?..???

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