Thursday, April 16

What's the Big Deal?

Yay, the 2nd Sex and the City Movie has been confirmed but some supposed plot leaks have started to emerge - Like Big having an affair with a younger colleague. Noooooooooooo.. please don't let this happen!!

Source: The Frisky:
Filming will take place in London.
  • After losing a lot of money, Big takes a job in London, living in a one-bedroom apartment without his usual five-star accommodations. He gets really depressed and finds comfort in the arms of another woman. He tells Carrie everything, and she heads across the pond to confront him. After she leaves him, she discovers she’s pregnant. I’m not too sure about this pregnancy storyline because Sarah Jessica Parker has said she doesn’t think that’s where the character is going in her life.
  • The sequel will be recession-friendly. (ideas are below)
  • One of the four main characters could die. I’m thinking either Samantha has a fatal breast cancer relapse or Charlotte dies in childbirth.
Ideas for Recession friendly sub-plots:
  • Make a running joke of the four women using
  • They will only wear clothing from SJP’s Bitten line from Steve & Barry’s.
  • Instead of having a weekly brunch at the diner, Charlotte could host a potluck meal at her home. Samantha will just bring the beverages.
  • The four women will take a road trip instead of a luxury vacation.
  • They will not only repeat accessories, as they did in the first movie, but they’ll repeat articles of clothing. Shocking!
  • Thrift shopping will take the place of high-end boutique shopping. Au revoir Dior, hello Goodwill!
  • They’ll also have a clothing swap. 8. Miranda and Charlotte will send their children to, gasp, public school.
  • Miranda will give Charlotte, who discovered she was pregnant in the first movie and has an adopted daughter, Brady’s old baby stuff. Little Lily will be rocking menswear early.
It's planned to have a 2010 release .. not too long to wait I hope but then 2010 could be boxing day 2010 too !! Argh!

Another recession buster could be they give up the Cosmos and drink UDLs?
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2 lovely comments:

Jaime on April 16, 2009 at 6:58 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

UDL's, funny! I don't know about a recession version of SATC.

Who wants to go to the movies to watch real life? Isn't it about a bit of escapism from your reality? Don't know if I like the other plot leaks either, hopefully they're a bit of BS like the ones that leaked from the first one.

Pixeltrash on April 17, 2009 at 12:48 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

I watched the whole series of SITC, but I haven't seen the movie yet. I have it DVR'd. Maybe I'll watch it tonight. Especially if #2 is coming out!


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