Sunday, May 24

Vege garden update - Week 8

We've had a huge week of rain, so it was a good thing hubby mulched last weekend even though I half-heartedly complained the straw mulch does nothing for my photos!... anyway...

The cauliflowers are blooming beautifully.. one of them has a double head on them too.

Peas are going really well - The sugar snap peas are starting to fruit
and we've tried our first peas from our standard peas.. yummy and sweet.
And the beans are flowering all over the place!

Might have to transplant some of the womboks though, they're looking a bit crowded Carrots are happily growing on their merry way. Onions and leeks have had a growth spurt this week
Beetroot is mosey-ing along (can't see very well for all the mulch! pic next week promise!)

And here's our cabbage - growing the heart now.

Cos lettuce have survived the rain and the we've picked some of hubby's chili's - nice and red now... he's going to make himself some sauce with that..

Very proud of our little patch!

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Katy on May 24, 2009 at 5:05 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

You should be very proud, looking great!!!!!


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