Monday, May 11

Comfort and Joy

Mothers' day yesterday was rather a laid-back affair - my Nan came over for lunch and my hubby made Gourmet Steak Sandwiches and chips for all - they were delicious. I set the table in my Mum's honour (who lives interstate) with a tablecloth she bought me a good 15 years ago - in fact it was the first tablecloth I ever owned. It would be considered quite fashionable these days... but to me it's more sentimental value. I also put the iodised aluminum cups my grandmother gave me ages ago on the table for my girls... Hubby picked some flowers from the front garden which looked lovely.

We then had my sisters' chilli jam or my homemade chunky barbeque sauce to put on the steak sambos. How is that for homeliness? We all enjoyed them very much!

I was much looking forward to my sister and her tribe arriving for afternoon tea - haven't seen in almost two months! I had pre-made some things like Ms Butterfly's Banana Cake - which I simply took out of the freezer yesterday and iced this morning. I had also some cookie dough left over, so took that out of the freezer and made jam drops with both the peach jam I made a few weeks ago and the new batch of strawberry jam I made last weekend. I made lemon pistacchio biscotti yesterday and after lunch today knocked up some quick dairy-free choc muffins keeping in mind my neice has a dairy intolerance and my sisters' family tries to follow vegan practices as much as possible.

So without too much effort, had quite an afternoon tea spread too! It was lovely to see the cousins together - with 5 girls within 3.5 years age gap it's an excitable environment!

Eva and Maya have grown so much! Since we hadn't seen them in song Eva has developed into a full-blown toddler and Maya has shed any trace of baby-ness that was left... a real little girl there.
Eva and Maya loved Dougall and the feeling was mutual, definitely where Eva was concerned. Here they are waving off Nanny at the front screen door!

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