Wednesday, May 27

Coming to the bookshelf 'The Perfect Baby Handbook'

I saw the synopsis and immediately identified.... I think we've all met parents like this or this for me, is an amalgamation of extreme parents I have met and the prime reason I didn't gel with the first mothers group I went to:

"New parents are hipper, more educated, and more sophisticated than ever, but they're also highly competitive--a lethal combination when turbocharged by the anxieties of raising a baby. And for many couples, it's not just any baby, but the perfect baby. These “excessively motivated” parents will not sabotage Junior's future by denying him Mandarin lessons, a nursery chandelier (just like the one Gwyneth's kids enjoy), or advanced infant yoga. A hilarious, highly visual satire of childrearing manuals, The Perfect Baby Handbook provides much-needed comic relief from the pressures of modern parenting, and gives comfort to moms and dads who can say with a sigh of relief, “At least, we're not this bad.”

Available from next Monday June 1st through Harper Collins at all good bookstores.

The Author, Dale Hrabi (a man, YES a man!) also has a very witty blog: check it out!

I love the Advanced Slumber Strategies:

one tip to help your baby sleep through the night:

Churn Butter Doggedly:
Re-creating the familiar whooshing sound of the womb can lull even skeptical babies to sleep. While some parents fuss with noise machines and others brandish blow dryers, they’re wasting their time. As the Swedes have discovered, no sound triggers infant slumber more effectively than that produced by the simple, picturesque act of throttling a wooden butter churn for four to seven hours every night.
Safety tip: It’s not advisable to eat the twenty-nine pounds of butter you’ll be producing each week in the form of garlic toast.

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