Sunday, May 3

Culinary disasters

I have had a couple of these, last week was the latest one - I tried to make a low calorie banana muffin. Forget it. Tasted revolting, went in the bin.

But it reminded me back in January 2006, 4 week old twins, a 19 month old and my hubby's birthday. I decide I'm going to make him a cake. Except it doesn't rise. And then the icing which I try to make a blue-y-lilac looks more like grey, and then, it tasted like bread. Truly foul. I have absolutely no idea what I did, but obviously something in my deep-deprived haze. We still laugh about it, or rather my Nan and my hubby love to rib me about it.

Any you can think of? Blog it and link back here, let me know!
If you want a laugh check out Cake Wrecks Blog - very amusing things in there

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