Saturday, May 23

HappySnapSaturday: Just one of the kids

It's like Dougall's always been here - just like the fourth child really. He follows the pack around (the girls) and follows their conversations like a tennis match. He alerts them Daddy is home by barking at the window to which they all run and and jump up and down at Daddy's arrival.

Now this has taken it to another level. My parents bought the girls a trampoline for Christmas. Since its' erection there are a number of rules:

1. No toys on the trampoline
2. No jumping if the zipper is open
3. No food or drink on the trampoline
4. If you can't get up the ladder, you're too small to be on the trampoline (Eva who had just turned one couldn't get up the ladder so was deemed to small)

Well Dougall has taken this last one up, he can climb up ladders it seems.

Now we have to remove the ladder when the girls are on the trampoline (they can manage to get on without it anyway now) - I think we need another rule number 5...
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