Thursday, May 7


hey-ho - it's back to playgroup we go....

Went back to playgroup today - first time in almost 2 years. We used to go to playgroup all the time - since the little girls were 6 weeks old, because quite frankly Eloise so needed to get out of the house having newborn twins and it was good therapy for me to have a change of scenery - not that I really had opportunity to sit and have tea and chat with the Mums. Was feeding, settling, chasing, just in a different setting. Anyhoo it was great for them, then we moved up here to the Hills almost 2 years ago.

The playgroup up here was different. At the time it had a neighbouring construction site and I had twin 18 month olds and a 3 year old all going in different directions finding ways to escape, or hurt themselves, it was a nightmare and really disappointing.

So this week we went back and it is now fully fenced and my girls are obviously that much older that they are somewhat independent and hang around me most of the time. I got to chat to Mums, the kids got to play with new toys and meet some new friends. We did craft (although it was with glitter - my mortal enemy - and Laura managed to get it all over her cardigan) and the girls came home exhausted and had a great time.

It's affordable at $3 a week for a family - and $39 per family to join the association for the year which gives you discounts and all kinds of cool stuff. Find you closest playgroup here

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