Tuesday, May 19

A lot can happen in 43 seconds...

It's all about in the news today about the bloke is taking Crown Casino Melbourne to Court for allowing him to ring up an enormous debt when it was public knowledge he was a gambling addict and had been barred from other casinos.

At one point it was reported today he lost 2 million dollars at the Baccarat table in 43 seconds. That would have been, in my estimation ONE round of Baccarat.
I can't say I hold sympathy for either party, because at some point someone needs to take responsibility - but who? The bloke who knew he had a problem and ignored it, or the casino who were either capitalising on his illness or oblivious to the seriousness of his illness. How many people exactly lose 1.5 billion in 4 months at casinos? Especially here in Australia? Crazy huh?

Whatever the outcome, it will be an interesting one.

Now, that 43 seconds, if I had WON 2 million dollars in 43 seconds I'd certainly sink half of it into a house, clear debts and buy myself a little car....put the kids back in kindy a couple of days a week, plan a holiday overseas, look after our families a little and look at keeping the rest safely away somewhere (where is that exactly? Are the banks really safe these days?) It would set us up for life really.... 43 seconds... oh I feel melancholy.... I'll stick to yahoo card games and a flutter every 2 or so years I think..

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Leila on May 20, 2009 at 6:40 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

2 million dollars just doesn't get you what it used to :D


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