Monday, May 4

Manic Monday: Rollerskates

I have such fond memories of rollerskates.

Christmas 1979 I got my first and only pair of rollerskates. They were the type that came with a little spanner you could adjust the length of them, so they grew with you.. .not the cool boot rollerskates but I didn't really care too much... They were blue and the wheels had glitter in them and the part that went over the front of your foot had laces, then there was a buckle around your ankle and support at the heel ..
I got so much mileage from them, I used to wear them practically all weekend and all of the holidays.. fantasizing I was Olivia Newton-John in Xanadu, making up dance routines with the girls who lived two doors down... they had a concrete patio perfect for our 'performances'
Wish I still had them, though I guess they would be pretty rusty by now...just one of those childhood items I would have liked to keep I suppose...

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