Monday, May 18

ManicMonday: What's a weekend again?

I'm wrecked and it's only Monday?!

Weekend was ridiculously busy, farmgating, cooking, storing. Yesterday I went to Aldi (trying to be frugal there and get as many staples as possible there) then onto Coles (nearby Aldi) to pick up rest of grocery shopping at Chatswood but can I just say - I can never find every(any)thing at Coles!? It took a lot longer than I wanted to and in the end had to stop in at local Woolworths to pick up the stuff I couldn't find at Coles.
Collecting all the receipts of our bulk food shop has started to ring alarm bells. Sure, I bought some items I wouldn't normally - like sweets and card, wrapping paper for Eloise's birthday.. I took the Aldi facecream challenge as I'm almost out of my Clarins and $8 is worth a try.. but still! I estimate with bread, milk, fresh dairy and top up of fruit we'll probably spend another $100 this month bringing our grocery, meat to about $640 this month. That should cover lunches and Adam's morning coffee (now we have a whizz bang coffee machine no more buying them!) too. That's $20.80 a day though - doesn't seem much does it for a family of 5?

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