Tuesday, May 12

OK I admit it....

I'm a geek.

I love the budget. I love watching the State and Federal Elections. I am that person who plans to stay home on these evenings and stay up - research the polls etc - a true tragic.

I had an interest initially in regards to changes for superannuation, tax deductions/salary sacrifice/fringe benefits tax and tax scales for my professional career over the past couple of decades.. The budget has especially been of interest since we had children, focusing on Family Tax Benefits, Child Care Benefits/Tax Rebate, Baby Bonus back in its' day...
There won't be a Twins will NOT still be considered a multiple birth and not paid the multiple birth allowance, that's what I do know.

So tonight I'll be seeing how the pension will change for my grandmother, voluntary contributions to super for my mother in law who is due to retire shortly - plus all the above that will affect our family. I expect the phone calls and emails to flow through tomorrow saying 'so what does that all mean for me?'.

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