Thursday, May 14

RealityBites: The Calm before the storm

I'm a bit ho-hum about reality this week. Masterchef is OK, I'm not rushing to turn it on each day, I'll watch it if I have time to kill. I watched a bit of the challenges this week where contestants need to compete with a top chef at their signature dish.. can anyone say 'set up to fail'? Of course the top chef's is going to be better. It's a bit ridiculous if you ask me! What is it supposed to demonstrate? We all know they're amateurs! And why not make it fair by getting them both to do a non-signature dish!?
Aaron's a bit on the cocky/annoying side. I hope Kate goes soon, she just annoys me - both her and Sam seem to think the competition is lucky to have them. Like Brent and Julie.

ANTM - This gave me something to giggle at - Lola stealing Cassie's line... cheeky and hilarious. And then she won the challenge! Oh it was hilarious! Cassie is only young I realise but I'm not surprised they've sent her for anger management classes! What a time bomb!

I'm loving Tahnee, Eloise and Clare. The in-house schoolgirl antics are offputting. I don't know how the producers put up with it and no wonder Jonathon Pease is looking decisively over it.
Looking forward to Project Runway - I think it starts next month? I know filming is underway...

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