Thursday, May 28

RealityBites: Feeling hot, hot, hooootttt

ANTM took a trip to the outback and these girls really seem to be getting it under the mentorship of Sarah - Adele and Claire were standouts. Love Lola. Bloody Cassie. Annoys me no end, don't see what's so beautiful about her? What have I missed? Bye bye Madison - sweet girl but understand the decision.

Masterchef - bit bummed Sam didn't get eliminated and I don't blame Chris for being peeved that no-one was elimated this week. Love his Fedora, is that made from recyled ties or something?

The youngies vs the oldies is excuse the pun getting a bit.. erm OLD. It's bringing out some ugliness where Kate is concerned 'I love him like my brother' and then cries and jumps on 'brother Sam' like her long lost shag.. What the?

Gnocchi with Burnt Sage butter should be renamed 'Masterchef Australia Gnocchi' because honestly I've seen that dish on that show now 3 times that I can recall.... something else please!

Watched the US version of Fatty-mc-fat-fat-show - otherwise known as Biggest Loser Couples USA. Meh. Not sure if I'll hang on there - if there's nothing else on (famous last words - remember what I said about Masterchef Australia).

Getting into HomeMade a little - Annie the airstewardess really is a biartch isn't she? Arrogant, selfish and totally self-absorbed sound a little too harsh? I love Jason - I loved his bedroom this week - I would LOVE that room.

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Alycia on May 29, 2009 at 2:46 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Only one I'm watching is Home Made. Agree AM not the nicest, but I do like her rooms! And that bedroom this week, ohhh yes, divine!!


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