Sunday, May 17


Apart from the bargain of farmgating, we came across some other bargains yesterday I'd love to share!

On the way back from Wilberforce we pulled past a church bric-a-brac sale. Adam found himself a stainless steel insulated coffee mug for 50c. We also got some home-grown/collected honey in a large round takeaway container for $3.50. Smells divine as the bees feed off the local orchard.

I got 3 sets of chocolate moulds, 3 crystal sweet trays, and lampshade (which I want to re-cover part of Eloise's room re-decoration) for $2.50. I went on to find an as-new-pair of rollerskates in Size 2 (big girl) with all the paddings and carry-case for $2.00. Bargain.

What I also found was a dolly identical to one of my favourites long-lost called 'baby-that-a-way'. I saw it there and got all choked up. I held her tight as if she were my actual one. Obviously not in it's mint condition but needs a clean up and hubby is going to to see if he can fix the battery connectors so it might even work! I don't even care really - it would be great but for $1.00!! So much joy. I got her I think in 1976-7? So 32 or so years later, a long-lost friend has come to live with me again.
very chuffed!
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Leila on May 17, 2009 at 8:43 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Aww what a great find!!

There is something for you over at my blog ♥


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